Flipping the switch

Big announcement time is here!

As I said on Twitter, I am not pregnant. But I have been “laboring” over something new, and it’s finally time to share! Just in time for Blissdom, The Family Math is moving to a new spot on the web!

Please stop by and check it out, and PLEASE let me know what you think of the new site! If you are a current subscriber, I would love for you to subscribe over there (look in the sidebar for the box), where I will be posting from here on out. I’ve moved over all my archives, so the same stuff you can find here, you can now also find there. This site will also still be here, it just won’t be getting any fresh content.

Hope you’ll join me in this new chapter! Thanks so much for reading!


Noah vs. the pizza slice

Hint: Noah wins.

Nerves, guilt and a dose of anxiety – Three days til Blissdom

There are so many things going through my head.

I’m way anxious about leaving to go to Blissdom on Thursday. I haven’t started packing yet (I’m totally putting it off), but we have started prepping for me being gone. It’s the first time in Noah’s 10.5 months that I will be away from him overnight, and I am scared to death.

Bobby worries that I don’t think he’ll take good care of the kiddo, but it’s not that at all. I think they will probably have a blast.

Maybe I’m a little afraid they will have too good a time. Without me. That I’ll miss out on something big (like Noah going from occasional few-independent-stepper to full-time, bona fide walker). I’m afraid when I get back that he’ll be “over me,” as I told Bobby this morning.

But I can’t let those things stop me from doing something I’m looking forward to, something for me. And it’s oh, so tempting to do that. But I think part of doing that would be for ease and comfort; it would allow me to put off facing down fears and anxieties that have riddled me since I gave birth to Noah.

I have to do this eventually. And the sooner I do it, the sooner I get back to normal living. I hope.

I think it’s probably normal to feel some amount of guilt (specifically as a mom) when you do something like this for yourself. My blogging (and even my freelance, which is not that closely connected with my blogging, for the most part) is not supporting us. It’s mostly a hobby, something I enjoy. So going to a conference like this seems sort of frivolous.

It’s times like these, though, when I appreciate fully having such a supportive husband, who reassures me that he supports me and wants me to do things that will make me happy.

I think the challenge for me is going to be leaving the guilt and anxiety behind. I think a touch of excited nervousness is OK, and when it comes to the conference itself, that’s what I feel. I’m excited to meet new people and hear speakers on topics that I’m interested in. I’m looking forward to finding an item or two at the handmade marketplace. I’m hoping to make some connections that will benefit my blogging and freelance potential for the future.

Blissdom is definitely going to be a stretch for me, but I think it’s a stretch that needs to happen. I could let myself become a social shut-in and use Noah as an excuse for that, or I can start pushing myself. One of those will let me grow as a person and actually better myself. And I think it’ll actually help me be a better mother, because I will be maintaining my identity and showing Noah what it means to pursue your passions and dreams.

So I’m nervous and feeling a little guilty and anxious, but I’m also excited. Blissdom is going to be great.


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My two favorite guys on Valentine’s Day

I don’t even know how to express how much better these two make my life. My heart has grown a million sizes since they came along.

Love you, Bobby and Noah. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Working with style: Wet pants edition

No, I did not wet my pants. Well, I did, but only in the sense that I put them in the washer.

And forgot to put them in the dryer.

As a work-outside-the-home mom who has recently struggled with some weight gain (thanks, anti-depressants!), one of my big challenges is keeping the clothes that fit clean so I can wear them when I need to. And last week, I just got behind.

Thus the wet pants. I had washed clothes the night before, but I guess I went to bed before they were done. I put them in the dryer when I got up, thinking that surely they would be dry in an hour.

Guess again.

So then I had a few options: I could wait for them to finish drying and be late for work; I could wear them to work damp; or I could find something else to wear. I went for option 3, which basically meant I was scrounging around for something that was clean and seasonally appropriate. Thank goodness for a mild winter, because I would’ve been out of luck or freezing otherwise.

WWS 2/11

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target
Shoes: Clark’s


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Pinned: Party food!

I love cooking enough that it tends to be one of those things I definitely try to do when I have a little spare time. And that includes making food for my own birthday party because I took the day off!

Before anyone gets up in arms, Bobby offered to make the food, and I told him I wanted to make it. It was so nice just having the time to prep a few things while the baby was at day care.

Pizza crescent rollsThe first was this incredibly easy recipe for pizza crescent rolls from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Pizza Crescent Rolls


Crescent rolls
String cheese


Roll out crescent rolls. Place 4-6 slices of pepperoni (slice if desired) on each. Top with half piece of string cheese, roll up and cook with directions from crescent roll packaging.

See? Super easy!

The second recipe, Beer Cheese Dip from Tidy Mom, was just as simple.

Beer Cheese Dip


Two 8-oz. pkgs Cream Cheese, softened
1/3 cup beer (I used Yuengling … use more if dip needs to be thinned some)
1 envelope Ranch Dressing Mix
2 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese


Beat the first three ingredients until well blended. Stir in cheddar cheese by hand. Serve with Stacy’s Pita Chips.

The best part of this was that I got to feel the accomplishment of trying a couple of new recipes, but they were so quick and easy that I didn’t feel like I spent the whole day cooking. And both of these were a huge hit at my party!

Wordless Wednesday: Rubber ducky, you’re the one

Noah ducky 3

Noah ducky 2

Noah with ducky


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