Ultrasound #1

We had our first ultrasound to date the pregnancy on Aug. 23. The weeks leading up to the ultrasound were somewhat nerve wracking, since the 1st trimester is the time when a miscarriage is most likely to happen.

Dr. B got us into a room fairly quickly on the day of our appointment, but we had to wait a few minutes for her to finish up with another patient, then she wanted to chitchat before doing the ultrasound. I wanted to tell her to hurry it up! But she finally pulled out the ultrasound machine, and just a few minutes later we got our first glimpse of our little one.

Not gonna lie: I definitely cried (but Bobby did, too!). It’s hard to describe the emotions I felt, but an overwhelming sense of love was definitely at the forefront of those. That was our baby on that screen. He or she looked like a little peanut bouncing around in there, waving arms and legs. Dr. B said everything looked great. The heart rate was strong at 179, and the spinal cord had already completely formed. She gave us our estimated due date: March 27. That meant I was 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

We came into the doctor’s office anxious, and we left overjoyed and proud. It was a great visit.


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