Doctor appointment #2

We had our second doctor visit on Sept. 23. This time was just a pretty standard visit, with Tami (the RN at Dr. B’s office) taking my weight and blood pressure and Dr. B finding the heartbeat with a Doppler and answering our questions.

A bit of good news: I’m actually down two pounds! Since I started the pregnancy overweight, this is good news. My blood pressure looked good, too, which has been a concern for me — it was (I think) 119/68 or something like that.

It took Dr. B a few minutes to find the heartbeat because the baby was moving around a lot, but once she did, we got to listen to it for a couple of minutes and even hear the baby kicking. That little booger was kicking a lot! I’m excited that I may be able to start feeling those kicks in the next few weeks. Everything once again looked good, and the baby’s heartbeat this time averaged around 155.

Here’s a video of us listening to the heartbeat. You may have to turn your sound up:


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