15 weeks!

Today marks 15 weeks of pregnancy. The second trimester has been awesome to me so far. I seriously have so much more energy and have actually wanted to cook, clean, shop — it’s been wonderful. I don’t feel a need to nap every single day!

So this week the baby is about the size of a navel orange — 4 1/2 inches in length. A lot of people say this is about the time I might start feeling the baby move a little bit, which is really exciting, of course. I’ve felt little flutters, but I hesitate to say that it’s definitely the baby, because I know I want to feel something so badly that I may be psyching myself out about it!

We’re picking up baby items here and there as we find good deals on them. So far we have the crib, a changing table (that we actually need to exchange, but that’s a loooooooong story), a mattress and a Pack n Play, along with items given to us by other people (a really soft baby blanket and some newborn diapers from my mom; a package of receiving blankets from the Hewetts; some Alabama baby socks from my co-worker Carolyn; a couple of pacifiers).

I’ve also been making trips to the fabric store semi-regularly to buy material when it’s on sale to make curtain panels, receiving blankets and burp cloths. I’ve found some really cute materials that I will try to remember to post pictures of in a later post. So far I’ve made two of the curtain panels for the baby’s closet (the closet takes up a full wall of the room, so I need probably at least eight more panels).

The other fun thing of late is that we have picked out our bedding! It’s Green Elephant bedding by Carter’s. I was looking up prices for crib sheets and happened to come across it; I loved it and sent it to Bobby, who also thought it was great. I like that it’s gender neutral, because that is what we are going for with the nursery until we find out the gender.

Anyway, that’s the update for now. Our next doctor appointment isn’t until Oct. 26!


2 responses to “15 weeks!

  1. OMG! “flutters” were the first time I felt movement at about 2 months pregnant. It was Thanksgiving week and Bobby came in April, but he was a little early. THAT’S THE BABY MOVING!!! The flutters will get stronger and stronger, so soon they will become unmistakable. Can you tell I am excited? Ha ha.

  2. Chris McCullough

    My sister had a friend who had “citrus parties” to celebrate the development of her baby. At one point the baby was the size of a key lime, then it grew to the size of a lime, then a clementine, an orange, a grapefruit and finally a pomelo. On specific weeks of her pregnancy she would bring the appropriate citrus fruit in to the office for her co-workers.

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