Under our feet

In preparation for having a little one “under our feet,” Bobby and I finally have gotten around to doing something we’d talked about for a while: Making repairs and upgrades to the materials that were literally under our feet in the house!

This process started when Bobby began ripping up the carpet. We had been planning to get new carpet installed, but it turned out there were hardwood floors beneath the old carpet! The floors were actually in really good condition for the most part, and we were able to pull up the old carpet, carpet pads and many, many staples with help from a few friends. There’s still some refinishing/polishing to be done in many areas (and we’re going to have to get a pro to come work on our living room floor), but it looks and feels great for the most part!

We also pulled up carpet from our bathrooms. Why there was carpet in the bathrooms is anyone’s guess, especially since there was really nice tile beneath it. I really can’t express how much better (and cleaner!) the bathrooms look now!

While these projects, especially the hardwoods, have been a task, the biggest task is yet to come: We’ve decided to tile our kitchen floor. We are saving a lot of money by doing the tiling ourselves, and when I say ourselves I mean Bobby is going to tile and my pregnant self will be watching and taking pictures. We purchased the needed supplies, including 300 sq. ft. of tile, from Home Depot, and they are sitting in the storage room on our carport, just waiting for us to use them. I’m really excited at the prospect of having ceramic tile floors in our kitchen, because we currently have dingy 70s-style linoleum.


One response to “Under our feet

  1. My Dad did all the tiling himself at the house I grew up in and it turned out great so best of luck to your hubby and be on the side line cheering him on! 😀

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