What I’m feeling – 15 weeks (Misty)

I’m not sure how this post will come together or how often I will do posts like this (maybe weekly?), but I just wanted to share some thoughts about pregnancy so far and what I’m feeling this week.

  • I’m so, so, SOOOOOO thankful to have reached the second trimester, where I have tons of energy, no more nausea and far fewer worries about the baby’s development. My first trimester was easier than many women have, but I felt so sick all the time, and it’s amazing the difference not wanting to throw up all over everything and everyone makes. I also no longer feel a need to nap twice a day.
  • I’m finally starting to let myself enjoy simply being pregnant. We weren’t trying all that long to conceive, but I remember the bitter disappointment of those months when I saw the negative signs on pregnancy tests. Then after my numbers were low in the beginning of pregnancy and with the thought that “anything can happen,” especially in the first trimester, I was afraid to let myself be excited about the baby at all. I’m not worry free now, but I am definitely excited, and I love our baby so much!
  • I keep coming up with random little ideas for the nursery, and I need to start writing them down. The latest is to order these “favorite things” alphabet flash cards from a site I have a Groupon credit for and frame the ones that spell Baby’s name. A lot of people do name art, so I thought that might be sort of a unique way of approaching it!
  • I really have been wanting to make a lot of things by hand for Baby, as evidenced by the wall art idea and the curtain panels mentioned in previous posts. This is really good for me, I think, because it’s forcing me to be creative and improve at things like sewing and painting — things I enjoy but don’t really consider myself to be great at!
  • I love reading every day online about what the latest development for Baby is. This morning’s was less than exciting, however: “Your baby is now urinating.” Gee. Thanks. Really wanted to know that one!

That’s all I can think of for now! Some more things may come to me later, so I’ll either add them or save them for next week. I’m also going to see if I can hassle Bobby into posting his thoughts!


One response to “What I’m feeling – 15 weeks (Misty)

  1. You’re right. It is soooo nice to be able to sit back and enjoy it. We m/c’d last January, so this time around the 7 week mark I started to flip out. I was very negative for a long time…always feeling that something would go wrong. Now I just roll with the punches!

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