Sweet dreams are made of this …

So I’ve now had two dreams about our baby, and both of them have basically revolved around the baby being a BOY!

I’m actually fairly amused by this, and I think I’m having these dreams because I’m so sure that it’s a boy. I really will be shocked if we go to the ultrasound and find out we’re having a girl. Either way, I’m excited!

The first dream I had was of getting the gender/anatomy ultrasound. In my dream, my doctor was starting the ultrasound, and for some reason my friend Natalie was in the room with me and Bobby was forced to wait outside. Dr. B started running the ultrasound wand over my back/side near where my kidney would be. I remember thinking in my dream that this was really weird, but she eventually moved around to my tummy! She showed us that the baby had a lot of hair and that he was a boy (and it was obvious).

I can’t remember the second dream as vividly, but I remember being handed my baby boy and feeling as if my heart would explode from my love for him. It was really an interesting sensation to feel during a dream! Again, he had a LOT of hair. And I checked out from the hospital really soon after I had him and was walking around the neighborhood with him. In my dream, my parents and Bobby’s parents both lived in our neighborhood, and I went with the baby to both their houses.

My mother has also dreamed that we are having a boy — the night before we told her we were pregnant. She told us right after we told her we were expecting. And she said in her dream the baby had a lot of hair, too!

I can hardly wait until the ultrasound to find out if our dreams are right!


2 responses to “Sweet dreams are made of this …

  1. Joey and I had a baby dream the same night… we were having some before hand… But when we woke up and looked at each other and we both said at the same time that we had a baby dream and I asked what gender and once again at the same time we both said girl… we have yet to have another dream since this one! I am too curious to see if our dreams are right! 🙂 Such an exciting time for both of us! 🙂

  2. It might be the Milk-Man’s child if it’s a boy with a lot of hair.

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