Week 17

Just wanted to post a quick update with this week’s bump pic and some thoughts on how I’m feeling. Here’s the bump:

It’s definitely moving on up! I’ve had a few comments from friends that I’m starting to show, which makes me feel good! I think it sometimes depends what I’m wearing. Some days I look really pregnant and other days it looks like I’ve gone on some sort of psycho Krispy Kreme diet where I eat three boxes a day.

Here are some various thoughts I’m having about pregnancy these days:

  • I’m already a month into the second trimester! It always feels like it’s crawling by, but when I look at it that way for some reason it feels like time has gone by faster than I thought.
  • If my calculations are right on the length of the months (because apparently you aren’t supposed to go by weeks when you are counting months — one of those confusing pregnancy things), I am four months pregnant today.
  • I’ve still been feeling flutters at random times, and I felt the strongest one yet last night! I’m really ready to be feeling these more consistently and stronger!
  • I go back to the doctor on Tuesday, and then I should find out when I will be able to have the anatomy/gender scan. I’m still hoping it will happen before Thanksgiving!

Nothing major happening right now in the pregnancy, but I’ve been feeling great. I haven’t done much more on the nursery, but I’m hoping to do some work in there this weekend and start posting glimpses of what we have in there on the blog in the near future!


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