18-week doctor visit

We had our 18-week appointment this time. Nothing all that different from last time, but we found out we will get to have our gender ultrasound on Nov. 15! I’m really happy that we will be able to have it before Thanksgiving!

I’d been feeling as if I was getting a bladder infection (yeah, gross, I know), so I asked Nurse Tami to check for one. The test was negative, but when she checked the heartbeat with the Doppler, we found out why I’d been feeling that way: The baby is resting squarely on my bladder!

Everything once again looked great. I was up a couple of pounds but still down one pound from my pre-pregnancy weight. Dr. B was happy with that. I suspect I’ll start actually gaining pretty soon, and you can already easily tell a difference in my shape and belly size. Bobby says he can see a difference in my hips, too. My blood pressure was 118/64; I’m always relieved to hear that it looks good.

The baby’s heart rate this time was 162, which was actually UP from last time! As soon as she saw that, Tami predicted that we are having a girl! I know there’s no real basis for that, but I was amused.

Here’s a silly video we took after we heard the heartbeat. Please ignore the first 15 seconds (hint: Bobby gets a little distracted … by … uh … well, my boobs). We have a couple of other videos that I may post, but I’m having some trouble with the sound on those.


One response to “18-week doctor visit

  1. yall are really really cute!…AM’s heartbeat was always high – so the ole wives tale proved true for us!!

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