Our boy Noah

I think most of the world knows by now that we are having a boy. I’ve been slacking (badly) with updating the blog, so I’m going to try to play a little catchup here.

The morning of November 15 was pretty much a waste for me at work. All I could think about was that 1 p.m. appointment. I called the doctor’s office first thing to ask if there were any special instructions and whether I should drink some orange juice to help the baby be more active (something I’d read on the Internet). They said NO! Just drink water.

I drove home to pick up Bobby so we could ride to the appointment together. We were both so nervous and excited. We couldn’t wait to see our baby again — for the first time in 12 weeks! Almost as great as the excitement over the gender was the anxiety: whether everything would be OK physically still and whether the baby would even cooperate for us to find out the gender!

Turned out there was no reason at all to worry about. The doctor visit really couldn’t have gone much more perfectly. My BP stayed steady at around 118/68, and I was up 1/2 lb. Dr. B was quick to the ultrasound room and made small talk briefly before starting up the machine.

Bobby got the first glimpses of the baby while Dr. B was getting everything set up, and I’ve seen these now on the video we took of the whole thing. He was amazed to see the baby’s heart beating inside its chest and that the baby was moving around so much. Eventually Dr. B turned the screen to face me.  I really can’t describe the happiness I felt to see our sweet baby on the screen, doing well and wiggling around, playing, just as content as he could be.

We pretty much got a 360 view thanks to all the moving around. He was all over the place, but thankfully not so much that Dr. B couldn’t get all the measurements she needed. Eventually he sat still enough for her to get the money shot, and there was definitely NO question that he is a boy. It’s hilarious looking back at the ultrasound video now, because it’s really obvious from the beginning.

I had said for a long time that I was certain it was a boy (so certain, you might remember, that I actually bought several gender-specific clothing items for a boy), but to hear the words come out of the doctor’s mouth was just amazing. It made so much of the dreaming and planning seem that much more real. I think Bobby and I both had tears in our eyes; I could hear the pride in his voice as he repeated, “It’s a boy!”

We got several more minutes of ultrasound as Dr. B finished up her measurements, including the baby hiccuping, which was possibly the cutest thing ever (except that Bobby thought he was having a seizure). He was actually measuring ahead by about 8 days, already weighed over a pound (1 lb. 2 oz.) and had “long legs,” according to Dr. B. Those measurements would actually put him closer to the due date I originally thought, but she said we are going to keep the date the same, which is fine with me.

We’d already picked out our names, so now that we had a gender we knew what to call the baby: Noah Oliver, after Bobby’s grandfathers. We both got on the phone with family members immediately after our appointment ended to let them know what we were having. They were all ecstatic, of course. Bobby called his parents, and his mom was especially excited (we suspected she was hoping for a boy, even though we know she would have been happy either way). My  mom said she just KNEW it, and my dad, who thought I was going to have a girl, said he might cry because he was so happy.

We managed to keep it mostly a secret from all but immediate family members (and a few friends and other family who live out of town) until that evening, when we had a little get-together with some of our close friends to reveal the gender. I accidentally slipped up and told some of our friends beforehand by catching myself saying “he” when talking about the ultrasound. It was actually pretty funny, and they played dumb until after we’d revealed it to everyone else.

Altogether, November 15 was a wonderful day, and I was so happy to be able to share it with friends and family. Now I just can’t wait to meet our boy Noah!


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