Strollers and diapers and burp cloths, oh my!

After we found out we were having a boy, I started registering for baby items online. Just a few things here and there, but I quickly figured out I had no idea what I was doing!

Thankfully I know quite a few mommies who are very helpful, so when I asked via Facebook what items I really needed to focus on in my registry, I got a slew of helpful responses, as well as a few e-mails with detailed lists and hints on what items were must-haves and which ones I should skip.

I can’t really express how glad I am for the help, because even after all this, between the online registering and some registering in-store at Target yesterday with Bobby, I have still felt overwhelmed! There are so many choices for what to get and what not to get, brands, how many of different things to register for … I could easily see this whole process getting really stressful!

Bobby and I headed to Target yesterday to look at in-store items after discovering that probably 85% of the online items were not available in-store. I had actually figured I’d go by myself, but Bobby wanted to come with me, which made me happy. Of course, then, after 30 minutes he wanted to know if we were done … thankfully we were able to get past the little tiff that caused. Aside from that and all the confusion about what items to actually scan, registering in store was actually pretty fun. We managed to scan in a lot of items we needed and a few we didn’t. We had to steer clear of the clothes because just about every time we see something that says “I love Daddy” or “Mommy’s big guy” or some such … well, we both get a little teary-eyed.

I feel pretty good about our Target registry, and I’ve also got a Wal-Mart registry started from what I’ve been able to find online. I’m sort of dreading braving Wal-Mart during the holidays to finish up the registry, but it must be done!

If you are interested, you can view our registries here:

(Feel free to chime in with suggestions!)


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