Thoughts at 26 weeks

Whoa! It’s hard to believe that I’m at 26 weeks, with only 14 left to go! The time seems to be dragging as it’s passing, but when I look back, it feels like it has flown. Here’s what’s going on these days with me, Bobby and Noah:

  • This morning Noah decided to have a massive fiesta. Seriously. He might have been break dancing. My whole tummy was moving! It was the first time Bobby was able to feel him move a whole bunch of times in just a few minutes. We laid in bed with our hands on my belly and just enjoyed the show.
  • I told Bobby this morning after all Noah’s antics that I have a feeling he will be a baby who is soothed by motion. I was out and about all day yesterday and hardly felt him move at all, just a few flutters here and there. Typically, he seems to be really active when I’m laying down and very still, not as much on days when I’m very busy and active. I’ll be interested to see if he likes the rocking motion of a swing, the vibrations of a bouncer seat and the sensation of riding in a car.
  • One week left until the 3rd trimester! I still have a lot of energy, but it does seem to be slightly on the decline. My feet have also started to swell slightly on some days, and I’m starting to be able to tell more of a difference in my everyday movements — getting out of bed, walking around, bending over. I can’t wait to see how much my belly grows in the next three months and the humor that will likely come from me bumping into more and more things — which has already started!
  • I had a little pregnancy spaz-out moment earlier this week. I was wrapping a present for our office Christmas party on Monday and was stooping at the coffee table trying to finish it up. I guess I concentrated a little too hard on getting those folds right, because next thing I knew I had lost my balance and was tipping over backwards! Thankfully I landed mostly on my right hip and caught a little of the weight by getting my right hand down, but still, I fell hard! I called the doctor’s office just to be sure it wasn’t a big deal. This was only about 20 minutes before they were closing for the day, but they told me I could come in and have them find the heartbeat if I was feeling anxious about it. It didn’t seem like they were overly concerned, so I decided to wait it out, telling them I would call Tuesday morning if I was worried. Everything turned out just fine, and I had a funny/embarrassing story to share!
  • I had a doctor’s appointment this week, and my doctor’s office forgot to tell me I would be taking my glucose tolerance test. In fact, I’m fairly certain I asked the receptionist about it at my previous visit and was told I would take it in January. I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast; needless to say they decided I shouldn’t take it just yet. The good thing is that they tested my blood sugar anyway, and it was fairly low, even after a sugary breakfast. My hemoglobin levels were good and won’t have to be tested again. I go back tomorrow to officially take the GTT.
  • My doctor’s receptionist told me when we were leaving that if I was going to eat stuff like Cinnamon Toast Crunch then I might as well be prepared to have a huge baby. I politely told her that my mom and sister both had babies all over nine pounds, except for me, and that I was mentally prepared to have a bigger baby since there seems to be a genetic link. She basically told me if I would eat better than my baby wouldn’t be so big — all based off of the fact that she knew that one morning I happened to have Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is, in fact, a whole grain serving and contains several grams of protein. If it wasn’t for the receptionist, I would like everything about my doctor’s office.
  • I think my nesting instinct is beginning to kick in. I went crazy wrapping presents Friday night and attacked the kitchen full-force last night. Glad I’m off work this week and hopefully will be able to put all this late-2nd trimester energy to work around the house!
  • We have officially entered double-digit territory! Yesterday marked 99 days until Noah’s due date. I still think he’s going to come early, but we’ll see.
  • We are now registered for all our prenatal classes at the hospital. I’ve already attended the “What to Expect in the Third Trimester” class, and our next class is the comprehensive one on Jan. 15. I think this includes a tour of the hospital’s maternity ward! I’m really looking forward to it.
  • I enjoy being pregnant during the holidays, because there’s so much going on to keep me from getting impatient for Noah to get here. Once the holidays are over, as mentioned, we start our childbirth classes at the hospital, then our baby showers also start in late January. Also around that time I’ll start doing every-other-week visits to Dr. B. And not long after we finish up with baby showers, I’ll start once-a-week visits!
  • Here’s the latest bump pic, taken at 25w3d:


One response to “Thoughts at 26 weeks

  1. You look beautiful! We are so excited for you guys and look forward to see Noah’s smiling face!

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