Nursery progress

I was off work the week of Christmas, so one of the big things I wanted to accomplish was to get the nursery cleaned out. We currently have a friend who is renting a room from us, and when she moved in all the stuff that was in that room (which was very much our storage room) sorta got dumped in the nursery. Here’s what I had to work with:

Not a total disaster, but there was soooooo much random stuff piled up in the room! The nice thing was that this was my big project for the week, so I didn’t stress over it and just got it done as I could. And it looks a lot better!

There’s still a LOT left to do, but now we are much closer to a blank canvas. We decided not to paint the walls, because we love the solid wood paneling, and it’s suitable for a boy. We will be replacing the blue curtains and painting the shelf above the crib, probably green. I also have to finish sewing the curtain panels for the closet. I was going to do yellow, baby blue and some patterned panels, but now I am leaning toward all yellow. We still have to order bedding and put together and stain a changing table.


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