Baby N’s Christmas haul

We weren’t really sure what to expect as far as baby items given that Noah’s not actually here yet, and we have several showers coming up over the next couple months. But some family members did get us a few items for the baby for Christmas!

If you can’t tell what everything is, here is the rundown, from bottom left: Two striped onesies, size 3-6 months; pack of three burp cloths; footie sleeper, size nb; “Property of Mom” onesie and pants, size nb; set of five Gerber animal onesies, size 0-3 months; pack of three sports-themed bibs; Pickles changing pad; baby boy picture frame; (back) two animal onesies with matching pants and bibs, size 0-3 months.

Bobby and I laughed, because we seem to be accumulating more and more clothing for Noah. It seems we are going to be very fortunate in that we won’t be lacking in that area for our boy!

We also got a couple of sweet decorative/ornament-type items:

The top one says: “May all creation dance with joy, for we have been blessed with a little boy.” The bottom one says: “Blessed are Mothers.”

We love how generous our families are. We already have some items from Bobby’s mother (Mrs. Mavis, who gifted us with Noah’s crib and changing table) and my mom, and Mrs. Mavis hand-stitched a University of Alabama/Crimson Tide quilt for him (I’ll post a picture of this sometime, but I think she is putting some finishing touches on it). Friends have given us some clothing and other small items, too, and my sister Amy is giving us a tub full of items from her boys. A friend from work has offered us use of a car seat and stroller if we need it.

I’m looking forward to our upcoming showers and seeing all the other items we need come together. Having such wonderful, generous friends and family makes all this seem a little less overwhelming!


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