Third trimester!

I’ve officially hit the third trimester according to my due date, as of Sunday. So exciting … and maybe a little scary. I was looking at pregnancy tickers online today, and even after seeing over and over again the number of days I have left, I saw one that really put it in perspective for me: 2 months and 28 days.


In some ways it feels like we’ve been waiting on this little guy forever, and in others, I just want to know where the time has gone. Now that Christmas is over and the third tri is here, baby-related activity is picking up: The nursery is cleaned out, I’ve scheduled maternity photos with Bobby’s old boss, Trish, and my first baby shower is in less than a month. Registries are finished, and we have started looking at daycares and pediatricians.

It really hit me today how much life is going to change. I was just thinking of college and of taking trips around the world, little getaway times with Bobby and even just having time to myself. I started missing those things, thinking of ways I would have done things differently and how I wish I could go back. But at the same time, I realize how happy I am to be married to this wonderful man, about to welcome our sweet little boy, and I know I wouldn’t change a thing.

The key is for me to remember that, yes, a baby changes everything, but that doesn’t mean I give up the things I love or can never do what I want to do. It just means that now I have another little person to share these things with. I want to show Noah the world, teach him to play guitar and love music, serve other people. I’m scared of all the coming changes, but I’m also excited.

Enough of the deep thoughts for today. Here’s this week’s bump pic, at 27 weeks, 4 days (and just ignore the messy bedroom!):


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