Even more clothes!

Yes, I know, I’ve said that Noah has lots of clothes, but I like buying him cute stuff, and I love a good bargain! I told Bobby to just imagine if we were having a girl!

Babies R Us is currently offering a deal where you can get an extra 40% off clearance baby clothes when you have a coupon from a recent flier. Tuscaloosa doesn’t have a Babies R Us, but we went to Birmingham today, so I asked Bobby if he would mind stopping by there. I also had a $10 merchandise credit from when I signed up at Toys R Us for a baby registry, so I was able to get all the clothes below for less than $6 (it was about $5.80 for everything).

Grandma’s Lil Superhero long-sleeve T, size 9m (We sent Mrs. Mavis a picture of this, and she LOVED it!)

Rock & Roll onesie, size 6m (We really loved this one!)

Football T and convertible shorts/pants, size 9m (These are separates, but I thought they looked good together.)

Phys Ed T-shirt and blue cotton shorts, size 6m (Again, separates, but I like them together!)

Adidas outfit, size 6m (This was a great find by Bobby! It was marked down to $2.90, plus our additional 40% off!)

Football Hero onesie with puppies in football helmets, size 12m

So, all total, we were able to get three T-shirts, two pairs of pants/shorts, two onesies and the Adidas outfit (which was another T-shirt and pair of shorts) for about $5.80. That’s an average of about $.65/item! I’d definitely say these were worth it!



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