Thoughts at 29 weeks

It’s hard to believe there are only 10 weeks and some-odd days until Noah’s due date. In some ways I feel like it hasn’t hit me yet … mostly because I’m not panicking yet!

I really do feel like the holidays helped make the time go by faster, and we have lots going on in the next month to help keep me occupied! Here are some assorted thoughts from my frazzled preggo brain:

  • It’s amazing that even though I haven’t met him, our little guy makes me smile and laugh. The other day I was just sitting on the couch, minding my own business, and suddenly he decided to turn my belly into a punching bag! Seriously, he jabbed me at least 5 or 6 times right in a row. I stared at my belly and asked, “What are you DOING?!” His little movements make my day pretty much every day at this point.
  • I think Noah has turned! I guess I will find out for sure at my next appointment on the 20th, but it definitely feels like he has. I used to feel his kicks only in my sides, and my sides/ribs were sore all the time. Now I feel them mostly in the middle of my tummy and down near my bladder! Here’s hoping he is head down and not breach!
  • Unfortunately, him turning also means more pressure on my hips and bladder. I can really feel it when I stand up after sitting for more than a few minutes. And I’m also starting to go to the bathroom more frequently again!
  • I’ve now started occasionally getting comments from strangers about being pregnant — nothing bad, fortunately. Today a lady in Publix laughed because I was wearing flip flops in the 35-degree weather and said, “Only a pregnant lady!”
  • I’m excited about our first childbirth class together at the hospital this Saturday. It’s the comprehensive class, so I think we will be touring the hospital and finding out basic  procedures. Of course, according to the website, anesthesia options will also be discussed … I’m not sure if that’ll be beneficial or not. I guess maybe I’m a little worried that it’ll make me more likely to ask for medication during labor. Regardless, I think the class will be fun!
  • We moved our maternity photos back to Jan. 23 due to a death in Trish’s family. I can’t remember if I mentioned before, but Bobby’s former boss Trish, whom we love, is going to do our maternity photos for us. She’s never done maternity photos before, so hopefully our shoot will benefit her, too! This was going to be our only free weekend until Feb. 19, but I’m sort of glad to have something to look forward to!

OK, I think that’s enough randomness for now! Here’s my latest bump pic at 29 weeks, 2 days:

Oh! And because I forgot to post this last week, a comparison of 12 weeks and 28 weeks:


3 responses to “Thoughts at 29 weeks

  1. you look beautiful misty bell!!! i love your hair too in you 29 week pic!

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