30 weeks!! 30 weeks?!?

Hard to believe that week 30 of pregnancy has arrived, and we now are in the single digits on weeks left (9 weeks and 3 days until Noah’s due date!). Some days it feels like it’s all gone by too quickly, and others it seems like it’s just dragging along.

Here are some thoughts at 30 weeks:

  • Noah has turned! Dr. B said this morning at my appointment that she agrees with us on this and that it feels like he is head down. She determined this by feeling around for his little body parts (mostly head and rear) on my tummy.
  • This little guy is something else. Seriously, I can’t wait to meet him. He is so active, and I think he’s a little silly. He loves food and almost always kicks up a storm after meals. And if I invade his personal space at all (lean my belly against something, rub my belly, forgot to empty my bladder quickly enough for him), he lets me know! I think I’m going to miss all his little movements in my stomach, but it’ll be worth it to hold him and kiss him and hug him.
  • My doctor’s appointment went great this morning. My blood pressure was up a tad (128/72) but was still in an acceptable range. I also explained to Tami that I’d had a stressful week with my dad being in the hospital. She said that number still looked good. I had not gained any more weight, so I’m still around 5 pounds gained for the entire pregnancy so far. I figure I’ll pack on some weight before it’s over with, since Noah’s going to be gaining several more pounds before he’s born. His heartbeat was 164, and he was moving around (of course!) when Tami did the Doppler.
  • I finished reading the Bradley natural birth book my friend Natalie loaned me, and now Bobby is going to start on it. It gives a lot of details for how to have a husband-coached birth, which is a big part of the Bradley method. Now I’ve started on Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, another natural birth book. I’m enjoying it so far, because the first section is all stories from women who have had successful natural births.
  • I bought a yoga ball! Balancing and exercising on it is supposed to help your core, and it also can help you sit upright more easily when you are in labor and help relieve some pressure. I talked to Dr. B about it today, and she said it’s a great idea to use this and to go ahead and start. So I think we will be pumping up a yoga ball tonight after dinner.

That’s all I can think of for now! Here’s the 30-week bump pic:


3 responses to “30 weeks!! 30 weeks?!?

  1. I LOVE reading about little Noah! It always makes me smile.

  2. Oooo, how exciting. Getting to the pointy end now. I was so pleased to read you’re exploring natural childbirth options. I delivered my 2nd baby 7 weeks ago using calm birth techniques and it made SUCH a difference. I’ve written all about the experience here if you’re interested http://bumparella.blogspot.com.
    Good luck! X

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