Latest craft project for Noah’s room

I’m going to pick up some double-sided tape/stickers this weekend to hang these on Noah’s bedroom door. They were so easy to make! I found the letters at Michael’s and bought different scrapbook papers (I was able to find four different ones on clearance that I liked). Then I just traced the letters on the backs of the papers, cut them out and used rubber cement to paste the paper to the wooden letters. I am pleased with the way it turned out! I will post another picture after we have them hanging on the door.

The total cost for this project was less than $10, mostly for the letters ($1.99 each).


2 responses to “Latest craft project for Noah’s room

  1. love that! can’t wait to see them up on the door!

    • Thanks, Whit! We are slowly but surely pulling together a nursery for our little guy. I’m excited to see how you will decorate a nursery if/when you and Greg have kids … I know it will be amazing!

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