A special “last” birthday

Happy birthday to me!

Well, the coming of year No. 28 marked the last birthday I will celebrate as a non-mommy. It’s sort of a weird thought.

It’s funny, because birthdays have always been a special occasion for me. I guess it’s because that’s the one day of the year that’s my day. And I think there’s a part of me that fears once a baby is here that I have to give that up … that every day is Noah’s day. I realize that’s at least partly true, especially when he’s a baby, and I also know it’s somewhat selfish to think otherwise. At the same time, having a baby doesn’t mean I suddenly am only a mommy and can never focus on myself.

I think it helps that Bobby is fairly sensitive about this. He did a really great job this year of making my birthday special, and the thing was, the biggest thing he did was asked what I wanted and did his best to make it happen. Well, and he sort of knocked it out of the park with the mother-child pendant I blogged about before.

I had wanted a pedicure; he bought me a pedicure. I wanted Mexican food with our friends, and he set it up and invited everyone. I talked about ice cream cake incessantly for a month before my birthday, and we had ice cream cake for my birthday. He got me cupcakes from the cupcake place in town that opened up on my birthday because he knows how much I love cupcakes. And he generally was just sweet, loving and supportive … but that’s pretty standard!

It really helps me to see that my “last” birthday doesn’t have to be my last birthday at all because I have a husband (and friends, for that matter) who care about me enough to make a day that is special for me. And it’s wonderful to think that our son will have the joy of experiencing that love and that specialness, too.


2 responses to “A special “last” birthday

  1. like like like!!! no wait, I can LOVE this!
    Good job Bobby! And a very happy birthday for Misty!

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