32 (almost 33!) weeks

Time just seems to pass faster and faster in this pregnancy. We are closing in on 50 days left (as of tomorrow), and I feel like there’s so much that we could get done before Noah gets here. I won’t say that “has to be done,” but there are lots of things that would be nice to have done.

This week, I think, has been one of the most difficult of the pregnancy because Bobby’s been out of town since Sunday for work. It’s been an emotional week. I only really lost it once, over an unexpected expense (basically, our gym membership ran out in January, but because we didn’t sign a paper to cancel it, they charged us again for February, which we hadn’t planned for). Thankfully, that seems to have worked itself out.

Another challenge this week has been that, because of my growing belly, I’ve been having some back pain. I’ve been really happy to not have that so far, but the past few days have been a little trying. I’m hoping this doesn’t stick around for the rest of the pregnancy! Thankfully it seems to be alleviated by laying down and sitting on my exercise ball.

I had my 32-week appointment today, and I thought it went really well. After getting asked twice in the past week by strangers if I was having twins (seriously?!), I made a point to ask Dr. B how I was measuring when she measured my belly. And guess what… she said the baby is measuring right on track, if not a smidge on the small side! That definitely made me feel better. My blood pressure looked good and was actually down from my 30-week appointment (it was 124/68 today as opposed to 128/72), and I was up only one more pound. Dr. B actually commented today that she is very pleased with how I’ve done weight-wise in not gaining too much.

I’m still intending to post in greater detail about the shower gifts I got last weekend, but I just haven’t gotten around to taking a picture! Our Tuscaloosa shower is tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to seeing some friends I haven’t seen in a while!

I forgot to take a bump picture this week, so no pic with this post. And on that note, I am tired and ready to stop thinking of words, so that will be the end of this post!


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