34 (almost 35) weeks!

We are within six weeks! We are both so excited and ready for Noah to be here. Here’s the update from 34 weeks and 5 days (only 37 days left!):

  • I had my 34-week appointment today, and everything continues to look perfect. I told Bobby it’s like a dream. Things really couldn’t have gone better. Even the small complaints I’ve had (nausea early on, fatigue, a little back pain) have been shortlived.
  • For the third visit in a row, my blood pressure actually went DOWN. I may have mentioned before that this was one of the things I worried about when we first got pregnant, but it has been picture perfect. The highest it has been was 128/72 (the week my dad was in the hospital), and today it was back down to 122/68.
  • I have now gained a total of 10 pounds for the entire pregnancy. I had gained three today, which was the biggest gain so far, but Dr. B said she figured it was due to a little more water retention.
  • I had TWO more random strangers (in Wal-Mart of all places) tell me I was going to have a huge baby. So I was very happy to hear from Dr. B that Noah is measuring perfectly on track at 34/35 weeks. She said she does not expect him to be an overly large baby, probably a little less than 8 pounds. I hope she’s right!
  • We ordered Noah’s high chair and the bouncy seat we registered for from Wal-Mart, and they should be ready to pick up in store next week! We also ordered him an activity mat from Target using a gift card we received.
  • We finally were able to order Noah’s bedding from Amazon! We picked this out a while back, but I wanted to wait until I knew we could get the best deal on it, since it was a little expensive. I earn Amazon gift cards through Reward Port and Swagbucks online, plus I had a $10 credit for a baby item. Those credits combined with the 10% off Amazon registry completion discount saved us about $65!
  • I started washing Noah’s clothes tonight. Makes everything seem a little more real and closer. Feels kinda weird!
  • I also picked up some items to decorate in the nursery this week. I am hoping to do some creative stuff with sheets of scrapbook paper I got, and I found some great frames at the thrift store, as well as an elephant wall plaque that will go really well with the bedding! Altogether, the items cost less than $10! Bobby’s cousin Kim is also sending me some elephants she cut out with her cricut! So once I get some of that put together I will share pictures!
  • At this point, we have all the major items we need for Noah, and it feels great! We still have lots to do around the house before he gets here, though!
  • Here’s my 34-week bump photo (in a dress because the weather this week has been AMAZING!) compared to a much earlier photo in the same dress:


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