Baby showers #2 and #3

Well, we’ve had two more baby showers since the last update! I only have the one picture so far from the Tuscaloosa shower but will post a few more later when I have them. And we didn’t take a ton of pictures at the Mathews/Enterprise shower, but we did get a few good pictures of some of the cute decorations!

All the delish food at the Tuscaloosa shower

So, shower #2 was thrown for me by my sweet, wonderful friends Natalie, Melissa and Jesse in Tuscaloosa. Natalie’s mom Melody helped out a TON, too! A few highlights of the shower: Melissa’s cupcakes, Jesse’s bacon cheese dip, Natalie’s sherbet punch, Melody’s chicken salad (oh my goodness … I could seriously eat some of this RIGHT NOW), seeing sweet friends I had not seen in a while, seeing Jessi and meeting her sweet baby Lily (can’t believe she’s already over a year old!) and, of course, awesome gifts for Noah.

The big gift from the Tuscaloosa shower was our travel system, which was given to us by our home church group. Bobby and I are soooooo thankful for this group of friends who support us in so many ways, and it was a big relief to get the car seat and stroller. We also got diapers, clothes, a Bumbo seat, a Johnson & Johnson bath set, a Bama bottle/paci/bib set and onesie (from our friend Courtney), a basket of assorted baby goodies from our hostesses, a Target gift card and some other small items.

It was a great shower, and I’m so thankful for the ladies who put it together for us!

Some of the decorations at the Enterprise shower

The Enterprise shower was at “Granny” Mavis’s house, thrown for us by Bobby’s sister Darlene and her friend Vicki. They really went all out, and it was such a fun shower! It was probably the most traditional of the three showers we’ve had, with lots of fun shower games. We played a clothes pin game, where everyone got a clothes pin at the beginning but had to give it up if they were caught with their legs or arms crossed. The guests also played a “Guess the Baby Item” game, where they had to write down what they thought wrapped items were before I opened them (these were small items wrapped by the hostesses, not gifts from the attendees). There were also a couple of other games, including one where everyone wrote down silly substitute “baby” words, one where they got points for various items in their purses and one where they had to name baby animals that go with grown-up animals.

The food was once again wonderful. I opened gifts while everyone else ate, and I was blown away by the generosity of Bobby’s family and friends. Noah got a LOT of gifts! He got his swing and rocker/bouncy seat, his handmade Alabama quilt from his Granny Mavis, the monitors we registered for, lots of clothes, bottles, diapers and so much more! We had to clean out our trunk to fit everything in it, and it was absolutely stuffed!

At the end of three baby showers (and with one more coming for work), we feel so incredibly loved by our friends and family, and we are so happy that they are joining us to welcome Noah in such an outstanding way!


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