Noah’s swag

This kid better believe he is loved. Because friends and family have poured out all kinds of gifts on him, and he’s not even here yet! (Apologies in advance because this is an extremely picture-heavy post.)

Remember this photo?


There’s also this:

And here are some closer up shots of his clothes and a few other items he’s gotten:

Newborn-size clothes

Hat I ordered from Hats by Sarah and booties and hat made by Darlene’s MIL
Size 0-3 months
Size 3-6 months

Size 0-3 months

Size 3-6 months

Size 3-6 months

Size 3-6 months

Size 6 months

Size 6-9 months

Size 6-12 months

Size 12 months and up

And here’s his travel system, diaper bags and swing:

Graco Quattro stroller and car seat

We got one of these as a present and ordered the other with a gift card. Both Jeep brand and both very boyish! Bobby says he won't mind carrying these.

Travel swing! We've decided to try just using this one instead of also purchasing a full-size swing.

And finally a couple of our favorite blankets from the MANY we received:

Alabama quilt made by Noah's Granny, with a little help from Grandpa!

Embroidered blanket from Noah's Great Aunt Nell

I could keep going (and may end up adding more pictures of Noah’s swag in future posts), but I think you all get the picture for now! We are so thankful for generous friends and family!


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