35 weeks!

Only 32 days left until Noah’s due date! If I’m being completely honest, even though I know I’ll miss being pregnant, I am definitely ready for the little guy to be here. I am ready to sleep on my stomach again! Thoughts at 35 weeks:

  • When Noah gets it in his head to be a wiggle worm, he REALLY moves! He has surprised Bobby (and me, too!) in the past week with how strong his kicks are getting to be. And today he has been bogeying around all day. I’d say he has more active days now than quiet days, and I’m kind of thankful for the few quiet days I get — even though they make me nervous sometimes!
  • Our to-do list before Noah gets here is slowly getting shorter. Bobby has done a great job of taking charge of getting the house clean and motivating me to do more around the house. It’s tough because many days I am pretty tired now when I get off work, and he hasn’t been feeling great. But (mostly thanks to him) our kitchen and living room are cleaner than they have been in some time, and he has guys coming over this weekend to help finish up the kitchen floors.
  • We interviewed a potential in-home caregiver for Noah on Monday. We liked her, but it’s mostly a question of whether we want to send him to something more organized. Still, we plan to call her references before we make a decision!
  • Bobby and I will meet Noah’s potential pediatrician, Dr. Bennuri, next Wednesday. Dr. Bennuri is the same ped our friends the Hewett’s use.
  • Noah’s bedding finally came! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for it, mostly because we picked it out so early. I set it up on Monday, and it makes a big difference in the nursery. It feels closer to being done, even though there’s still a lot left to do. Also, our friend Melissa made a quilt for Noah! We had dinner with her and her husband, Alberto, Saturday night, and she completely surprised us with it. She’d been working on it for a couple of months. I will post a picture of the bedding and quilt soon!
  • Bobby and I had lunch with our friends Jessica, Matthew and Holly in Birmingham on Saturday. It was so great to see them, especially since that was probably the last chance to do it before the baby gets here. I also had coffee with my friend Sally last week (can’t remember if I mentioned that in my previous post), and I’m having lunch with Kandis on Saturday. We’re having dinner with our friends the Martins (and their sweet four-month-old boy) Saturday. I told Bobby that this is just how I want the time before we have our baby to be — spending time with friends and family who care about us and him.
  • We hung up Noah’s name art on his nursery door! Pic of that, plus this week’s bump pic, below.


One response to “35 weeks!

  1. Very cute name sign and baby bump! Don’t be in too much of a hurry for him to come, after he gets here the first few months are really rough. Enjoy your sleep while you can get it and also enjoy the peace and quiet. 🙂 It’s exciting though and I’m sure he’ll be a little bundle of joy for everyone.

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