39 weeks

Wow, hard to believe we are finally this close! I’ve obviously been terrible at updating my blog the past month, but we’ve been fairly busy prepping for Noah, and I’ve also been trying to get as much rest as I can while I can!

There are now FOUR days left until Noah’s due date. I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning for what should be the last check-up before the due date and hopefully the last before he arrives! I was showing some progress at my last appointment, so that was encouraging, although it’s not necessarily a great sign of when you will actually go into labor.

At the recommendation of my doctor, I have been going for a walk every day to try to speed things along. Bobby’s been joining me, and honestly, I enjoy the time with him. We discovered yesterday how great the Riverwalk trail (Tuscaloosa side) is, and we are planning to go back there today. Basically it’s a paved walking trail that runs parallel to the Black Warrior; it’s fairly flat, which is good for me! I definitely think walking has helped Noah drop a bit more.

We are definitely ready for our little guy to make his grand entrance to the world. We still have a few things on our to-do list, but we are not hung up on having everything absolutely perfect. Basically at this point, we have the carseat installed, the Pack n Play is ready for him when he comes home, the house is reasonably clean and in order, and our hospital bags are packed!

Anyway, here are my pictures from 39 weeks, 3 days! Hoping this will be the last baby bump picture I take of Noah!


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