What a week!

The good news is that we (fingers crossed) will bring Noah home tomorrow finally. We found out on Wednesday that Noah’s infection was actually not from swallowing meconium but from villitis in the placenta. The treatment didn’t change, thankfully. We have been back and forth between our house and the hospital multiple times a day the past several days after I was discharged Wednesday afternoon.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, and we have to remind ourselves that we are so fortunate to have a “healthy” NICU baby. But there have been little things that seemed like they might keep him from coming home, namely his body temp fluctuating early in the week and his sodium levels being too low. Then a rather thoughtless night nurse felt the need to “warn” us that they might put him on a feeding tube (which ended up being a ridiculous suggestion, because he’s eating great).

I’ve also not been feeling great since getting out of the hospital. I thought it was just a lot of hormonal changes that are fairly normal post-pregnancy and when breast milk is coming in. Even some of the nurses commented that it was “all normal” — the chills and hot flashes, body aches, tiredness. I was also a bit anemic, so I figured my body temp was just having issues regulating itself. Checked my temp today after feeding Noah at 12:30, and it was around 102. So I called my doctor, and she called in some antibiotics. They had treated me for the villitis with IV antibiotics, but apparently it wasn’t enough.

It’s a big relief to finally feel a little better, even after just starting the antibiotics today. Tonight is seriously 180 degrees from this morning and afternoon. Now if we can just get Noah home we’ll be doing great!


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