Formula fiasco 2011

Gratuitous Noah pic

I think I’ve officially knocked myself out of the running for New Mom of the Year.

I guess one of my first and greatest lessons learned so far being a new mother is that when you think you’ve got something figured out or that you know what you are doing, that’s when you really need to stop and take another look. Because you may just be feeding your kid twice as much formula as what he’s supposed to get.

Yep, that’s right. I was mixing in twice as much powder as what Noah was supposed to be getting. For something like 2 days straight.

I am an idiot.

We took Noah back to his pediatrician on Wednesday (after his NICU follow-up visit on Monday) because he threw up twice. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and we were concerned, especially since the doctor’s office told us to come in right away. Dr. B chalked it up as a little reflux and gave us a few suggestions to help with that.

The next few days after that, the poor kid was miserable, and we could not figure out for the life of us what was going on. He wanted to be held all the time. He cried and cried and cried. Over the course of two days, he pooped only twice, and both times they were way more solid than what we were used to seeing.

We tried him on a different formula Dr. B gave us for a day or two (until we ran out of the sample), and since it didn’t seem to make a difference, we switched back to the Enfamil we had been using. On Saturday I happened to look at the directions, still not even considering that the formula might be what was making Noah sick.

Talk about feeling stupid. I knew immediately that must have been the problem. Unfortunately, Saturday ended up being his worst day yet. He was completely inconsolable, to the point where we called the after-hours help line at his doctor’s office. They told us to take him to the ER.

We got to the ER around 6:30 (thanks to A-Day traffic), checked in and settled down in the waiting area. We had been there maybe 15 minutes, and Bobby was holding Noah when THE AROMA hit him. “He’s pooped,” Bobby said with certainty. We changed him in the waiting area (yeah, it’s gross, but we did what we had to), and by the time Bobby got another diaper on him, he pooped again. Both MASSIVE. We checked out of the ER, telling them that we figured the situation had rectified itself.

Thankfully Noah was immediately calmer once he had cleared out his poor little tummy. He’s still had some issues while his system has been catching up, but he’s been a lot more content and has actually gotten some rest — and so have we.

Oh! And we were rather amazed that, by Wednesday, Noah had already gained 11.5 ounces, plus another 1.5 ounces when I took him to see the lactation nurses on Thursday. Yeah, chalk another one up to the double-feeding. When I took him for his two-week appointment yesterday, he’d actually dropped a little from the lactation office but was up .5 from the previous doctor’s office total.

I felt terrible for the formula mix-up, especially since I also told Bobby how to make it up (so we were both doing it wrong because I read the instructions wrong, apparently).  Thankfully we are on the right track now, Dr. B wasn’t too concerned over it, and Noah seems a lot happier!


4 responses to “Formula fiasco 2011

  1. Oops! Well, at least it’s figured out now. We all make mistakes – I let Ruby fall head first off the bed once when she was about 6 months old.

  2. Glad you got that “rectified.” heh… You WILL laugh about this one day. Promise!!

  3. At least you figured it out and it wasn’t going on for weeks. We all do things like that at first… I blame exhaustion. Glad he is feeling better and I hope things are smooth from here on out.

  4. poor noah! i am glad yall got it straightened out. i can promise you this wont be the last minor parent error made!!! we have all made our fair share of them and I seem to mess up daily! glad you got it figured out and i hope the little man is better and will soon be on a more regular schedule! btw – our doc told us we can go 5-7 days without pooping – not that its comfy for the little ones but after 5 days is when we start to worry!

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