Here we are at 7 weeks!

Noah at 7 weeks, May 22, 2011. He fell asleep while we were at dinner at El Rincon.

Hard to believe the little booger has been around for over 7 weeks now. In some ways it feels like forever, and in others, it feels like no time at all.

Here are some of the things Noah is doing at this point:

  • He smiles! He’s been doing this regularly for probably about 2 weeks now, and they are getting more and more frequent. It’s the sweetest thing in the world when the kiddo looks me in the eye and turns on the cutest grin I can imagine.
  • He coos and “talks” a ton. Noah LOVES to be talked to, and it’s hilarious how it’s almost like having a conversation. Bobby says his favorite word is “agungaduh.”
  • He can roll over from his tummy to his back. He first did this a few weeks ago when we were at the Hewett’s house and has done it several times since.
  • He loves to stick out his tongue. He just discovered this last week, and he does it all the time now.
  • Two favorite physical activities are definitely stretching and kicking. When we take him out of his swaddle in the morning, he probably spends a good ten minutes stretching his arms out. He will also do it randomly during the day but particularly when he is tired. He also loves to kick and will spend a good amount of time sitting on the bouncy seat/laying on the activity mat just kicking away.
  • He’s getting really close to laughing. It still sounds like a coo at this point, but there definitely are times when he smiles and noise also comes out.
  • His current favorite place is on the changing table. We have no idea why Noah likes it so much, but he will lay on the changing table and coo and smile for really long periods of time, especially if we stand and talk to him.
  • His favorite “toys” right now are the bouncer seat (we have the Fisher Price Rainforest seat), a play gym with a kick pedal that Wendy (his sitter) has and his light-up musical sea horse, which does a great job of soothing him around nap time.

So, that’s where Noah is these days! I’m sure I’ve left something out, but I’ll add more if I think of it! If I can find time, I’m going to start doing these updates weekly.


One response to “Here we are at 7 weeks!

  1. Harper did the changing table thing too! It was AWESOME! I used to have his changing table in the living room (our apartment is set up kind of weird) and whenever I had him on it, he would talk to the air vent in the ceiling. Benji and I always joked around and said an angel lived in there. One of my Gordo relatives thinks that if babies smile/laugh for no reason, it means there is an angel in the room. lol


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