An art project

One of the things I’ve really been struggling with as far as being a new mom is not losing my identity in favor of everything being about Noah. Yeah, there are a lot of times when my focus has to be on him, and I’m OK with that. At the same time, I think it helps me maintain my sanity if I can take some time out to concentrate on doing things I enjoy.

One of my latest obsessions is Pinterest, which, if you don’t know, is a site that basically allows you to post all your favorite things and make collections of them. I’ve been spending some time on the site, stalking other people’s Pinterest boards and also adding some pins of my own. I think I’ve added 8 or 10 new blogs to my Google Reader thanks to Pinterest.

I’ve really been wanting, for a while, to do some more fun/interesting handmade stuff to decorate our house and really make it our own, and Pinterest has actually rekindled that spark for me. I’ve found tons of DIY projects, everything from refinishing a dresser to putting cool lining on bookshelves to paintings and a lot of other stuff. So I decided this weekend that I was going to pick out one of those projects and, if not finish it, at least get started on it.

To my pleasant surprise, not only was I able to start a project, but I was able to finish it, thanks to Noah taking a super long nap earlier today! I decided to start out with a painting since it seemed like it would be fairly simple and I already had the supplies on hand.

My inspiration was a contemporary art piece by Joanna Goss that someone shared on Pinterest. I knew I didn’t want to use exactly the same colors, and I really only had a handful of primary colors to mix and match and play around with. I’m super pleased with how it turned out, though. I started off by drawing the zigzags on the canvas with a pencil. I didn’t really measure, just sort of freehanded it, and once I started painting I eventually ignored the pencil lines anyway. So it didn’t turn out perfect, but I like the way it looks!

I’m trying to decide if I will put it in our living room (which has bright blue walls — almost like a robin’s egg blue, so it’d look fun in there) or in Noah’s nursery. Bobby voted for the nursery because he says the bright colors will be “stimulating” to Noah. It might be a fun addition right over his changing table since he likes to lay there and stare at the wall anyway! I will try to remember to post an updated picture once it’s hung up.


2 responses to “An art project

  1. Hey! I think I’m gonna start having a crafty post about once a week on my blog. I’m going to call it “Oh, Crafty Day!” Anyways, I’m going to post pictures of DIY projects by myself and friends. I was wondering if I could post this one on it…whatcha think?

  2. Go for it! I’m trying to start doing more stuff like this when I have time, but of course, who knows when I will have time again!

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