Noah – 8 weeks

I finally remembered to specifically take a weekly picture of Noah! He turned 8 weeks old today. Here are a few of the things that happened this week:

  • Noah spent his first full week at the sitter’s house. He did great and really seems to like “Miss” Wendy and Morgan, the little girl she also keeps.
  • On Friday evening, Jesse and Michael kept Noah for us while we had a double date with Melissa and Alberto in Birmingham. This was the first time a sitter came to our house and kept him and also actually put him to bed for the evening. From what Jesse said, everything went smoothly, and she was even able to do the dream feed with him!
  • Bobby, Noah and me at the wedding on Saturday

    Noah went to his first wedding on Saturday! Ben and Gabby, the girl who was rooming with us, said their vows at 4 Saturday afternoon. Noah did great! He made it through the ceremony, which was thankfully (for his sake) pretty short, and he enjoyed being outside at the reception. He got to meet a lot of our friends from Vineyard, and of course everyone said how handsome he was. This was also the first time he has been dressed up in something a little more fancy than just a onesie. He wore a white polo shirt and a pair of blue and white overalls with a bunny on them.

  • Today was Noah’s first picnic! We wanted him to have some more outside time, so we took our lunch and some blankets out on our front lawn for maybe about 30 minutes. We came back in when he started getting sleepy. He loved laying on his blanket on the ground outside and kicked and played the whole time we were out there.
  • This weekend has been pretty monumental for our family because we have all had such a great couple of days. For the first time, Bobby and I really felt like we had a grip on dealing with Noah, and I don’t think either of us got frustrated with him on Saturday or Sunday. This is really huge progress for us, and, as Bobby said, Noah was a joy to be around. It’s so nice to just have a normal weekend at home with him, to not feel stressed and to find joy in being parents.

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