Noah – 9 weeks

Today marks 9 weeks old for Noah! Here are some fun things from this week:

Noah - 9 weeks

  • He had his two-month check-up at Dr. B’s office on Friday. He had to get three shots and take an oral vaccine, and he did about as well as could be expected! He weighed 14 lbs. 9 oz. and was 24.5″ long, both in the 97th percentile! He also got to take Children’s Tylenol for the first time to help prevent fever and soreness. Thankfully the shots didn’t seem to phase him.
  • He has taken wholeheartedly to sucking on his fist. It’s sort of nice because he’s learning to put it in his mouth when he’s upset or hungry, and it has cut down on some of his fussing and crying. It’s pretty darn cute, too.
  • We put him in his Bumbo seat for the first time this week. His neck strength is pretty good, and we just make sure to be there to provide a little extra support. It’s funny because his legs are so chubby that when we pick him up out of the chair they catch. I literally lifted the whole chair with him the last time I was getting him out of it!
  • His eating has thankfully spaced back out to about 3 hours in between each bottle, and he’s pretty consistently finishing 4 oz. I suspect he will go up to 4.5 or 5 at each feeding in the next few weeks.

One response to “Noah – 9 weeks

  1. That legs-catching-in-the-Bumbo thing happened with Ruby too. Chubby thighs are the best! 🙂

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