Somewhere in here we passed the three-month mark …

Hard to believe the kiddo has wandered out of newborn-land and into infant territory, but his size and his sweet little emerging personality definitely attest to that!

We visited our families for 4th of July weekend, and that was a blast. Bobby and I actually left the kiddo with my mom on Saturday the 2nd for a quick jaunt down to the beach. It was wonderful, even if I did spend the whole time talking about Noah. The water was perfectly blue-green, with just enough wave action to keep us entertained. It was relaxing. We ate bad seafood at some little tourist trap, used probably-too-much spray sunscreen (but actually managed not to get sunburned!), swam, played, laid out and then headed back to my mom’s house!

It was really nice to have some time just to ourselves to enjoy the beach, but it was also weird being there without the kiddo. I’m looking forward to taking him on his first beach trip next summer. I have a feeling he’s going to love it!

On Sunday the 3rd, Noah turned 3 months, and his Granny and Grandpa hosted a little cookout so his family members could meet him. He did great with being passed around to everyone and ended up taking a nap on me in the Ergo.

Here are some of the things Noah is up to these days:

  • In addition to smiling, he now actually laughs. He especially loves it when I grab him under his arms and bounce him up and down in my lap and when Bobby blows raspberries at him.
  • He is so close to rolling over back to front. He can get all the way on his side, but he gets stuck because he can’t figure out how to get his arm out of the way!
  • For a while the bouncy seat was his favorite, but now he seems to favor the swing. He also got a new Exersaucer toy that he seems to like pretty well!
  • He is a great supported sitter, and he can balance himself for a few seconds at a time when we sit him up.
  • He continues to love going outside.
  • He often takes afternoon naps in the Ergo on me. Sometimes this is the only way to get him to settle down in the afternoons between coming home and eating time.
  • He has actually start preferring the finger to the paci — meaning he wants to either suck on one of our fingers or his own! He’s also turning into a thumbsucker, which I think is cute.
  • He fell asleep on my shoulder for the first time the other day when I was rocking him. He usually falls asleep snuggled in my arms.
  • His sleeping and eating have been a bit more erratic lately. I think he has been going through a growth spurt, and I’m hoping he’ll get back to sleeping through the night (or close to it) soon. He also may be letting us know that he’s getting ready to start solids, but I’m waiting to make a definite decision on that (whether it’ll be at 4 or 6 months) until we talk to his pediatrician.

Here are some pics from July 4 weekend:


You can view the rest of the photos from July 4th weekend on my Flickr stream.


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