Flashback Friday: Ecuador crew

OK, so I’m totally stealing borrowing this idea from Heir to Blair. I don’t think there’s any kind of link-up for this, but I thought it was a fun idea and an excuse to look back through some old photos. So here’s what I came up with:

Yes, my hair is funky looking. I’d had some highlights done or something right before going on this trip.


Hard to believe this was back in 2004! This was my first trip with International World Changers as the individual team leader for students from across the U.S. who didn’t have a church group to go with. I was 21. I still can’t believe people sent their teenagers to a foreign country with me.

It’s weird to look back at all the people that came with me then versus now. Heather is married and working for Young Life, I believe. Laci actually married Wes, whom she met for the first time on this trip, and is living in North Carolina. Stephanie is married, Adam just got engaged and moved to Portland. Laura is off serving as a missionary somewhere in the Middle East, and Kelly is in China. Timmi is coaching high school volleyball. The only person I really haven’t kept up with at all is Katie. I wish I was keeping up with all of our E-team better these days, but at least Facebook gives me some semblance of keeping in touch.

And of course, I’ve gotten married and had a kid since this picture was taken. I’m happy to have had the chance to travel with this group, and it’s been really cool to watch them start their adult lives all over the globe!


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