Important dates, and a few other projects

Important datesIf you are on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen Andrea Steed’s original version of this floating around. I loved the idea and wanted to give it my own twist, so I decided to give it a go in Illustrator. This is what I came up with. The green translated a little more lime when I posted this to my Flickr account, so it likely will be a little more muted when I print it, but I think it came out cute. The dates are Bobby’s birthday, my birthday, the day we closed on our house, the day we found out we were pregnant with Noah and Noah’s birthday.

A few other projects I’ve been “inspired” to work on (as noted on my “Inspired” Pinterest board):


For this, I borrowed the elephant image from this, made a few modifications and added this Dr. Seuss text. I made the original image in Illustrator and made a few changes in Picnik, included the rounded edges. I haven’t decided for sure exactly how I’ll hang/mount it,  but it’ll go in Noah’s room, for sure.

Choose the kids

For this one, I edited a photo of Noah and added the text using Picnik. I love the Anna Quindlen quote, and it’s a great reminder for me now that I’m back at work. This will probably either go up in our bedroom or in my office. Haven’t decided for sure on a printing size, but it’ll probably be 5×7.


I just love this quote, so I wanted to make a print from it! This was sort of my first effort at freestyle designing something in Illustrator, and I think it turned out OK. It’s not amazing by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’d look good matted and framed!

I Heart U

And this one I borrowed from a print I saw at Target. I thought this was a fun alphabet treatment that would also be cute for Noah’s room.

I’m happy with the prints I’ve created for Noah’s room. I haven’t decided for sure if I’ll print the Love You Forever one. I think my next task will be creating some interesting art for other parts of our house!


One response to “Important dates, and a few other projects

  1. Cute! I really like the elephant one.

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