15 weeks

Noah turned 15 weeks yesterday, and he had several exciting developments this weekend! Here’s a list of stuff that’s going on these days:

  • Probably the coolest/most impressive thing is that Noah has learned to roll over from back to front! This is pretty advanced for his age. I just looked it up, and typically babies do this around 5-6 months! Of course now that means we have to be a lot more careful not to leave him unattended anywhere he could roll off of, like the couch or changing table. We’ve gotten in the habit of leaving him “for just a second,” and now we definitely have to stop that!
  • He has also started grasping his rattle and shaking it. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of this yet, but you can see in the video below that he has figured out how to pick it up, and I think he realizes that it makes noise if he shakes it.
  • Bobby took him to his follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist today, and he is 24.5″ and 16.9 pounds!
  • Another fun thing from this weekend is that we started putting Noah down for naps and for the night awake. It kind of happened by accident the first time; I put him in his crib while I was folding laundry, and after a few minutes he got really quiet. Next thing I knew, he was asleep! I was even able to put him down for the night last night like this and only had to go back in to soothe him for a couple of minutes. Bobby had success with this method today, too!

As promised, here’s the video of Noah playing with his rattle:


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