Flashback Friday: That crazy cat

This Flashback Friday business really is a good excuse to look back through some old pictures and rehash memories. Here’s a good one from the ol’ 1717, the house I lived in for several years of college.

This house is in the Forest Lake neighborhood, which was largely destroyed by the tornado in April. I was sort of dreading driving by it, but it actually survived! Looks like it probably ended up getting a new roof, though.

Anyway, the picture is me and Ashley, and I think this was probably right before she and Benji got married. And the crazy cat … that’s Fitty/Taylor. She had multiple personalities. Seriously. She could be incredibly sweet, but she could turn on you in a heartbeat. Ashley and I were roommates at the time, along with Robyn, I believe. Fitty would move along with Ashley and Benji once they got married and eventually got banished outside after shitting all over a down comforter they got for a wedding gift … possibly more than once. She eventually disappeared, though Ashley always said she thought she was cat-napped!

Hard to believe that it’s been something like six years since this photo was taken and since we were living together! And now we’re both married with little boys just a handful of months apart (I think Harper is about five months older than Noah. Is that right, Ashley?). The Martins live up in Virginia now. We aren’t as close as we once were, but I’m glad we have maintained a friendship and kept in touch through all the moves and life changes!


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