Book Review: Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster

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After Blair at Heir to Blair reviewed Jen Lancaster’s Such a Pretty Fat a couple of Mondays ago, I knew I wanted to read it, especially because I’m currently undergoing what’s about my millionth attempt to get in shape.

I will admit that I found Jen‘s voice a little off-putting at first. I sort of found myself thinking, “My God! How can someone be that incredibly immature?!” Yes, I was probably being a bit judgey. But the center plot point (does nonfiction technically have plot points?) of the book was Jen’s journey from sort of living life like an overgrown kid to putting on her big girl panties and beginning to make adult decisions and actually take care of her body.

I can certainly identify with so much of what she was going through. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like her at first … because all of her characteristics that bugged me reminded me so much of me. In many ways (and not just health-related), I have been fighting growing up for a while now. I like to play on the Internet rather than clean the house; I have a list of not-exercising excuses about a mile long. I start projects and abandon them as soon as something more exciting comes along.

And in some ways, I think I may be on a journey that’s sort of like Jen’s, even if the details and the end outcome probably won’t end up the same (I’m not exactly planning on writing a memoir about my humdrum life any time soon). Still, I am learning and growing up, largely because of having Noah. Reading about someone else’s similar journey makes me see that yes, I can do it, and I can actually end up happier on the other side.

So thanks for writing, Jen Lancaster. And if you are someone who is thinking about making a change for the better or even just fighting that same five pounds for the 24th time, give this book a read. It’s worth it!


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