16 weeks

iPood - 16 weeks

You know, some days it seems like time is flying, and others it seems like it’s standing still. Pretty sure I’ve said that before and will probably say it again. Regardless of how fast or slow time is going by, Noah is growing like crazy, and it seems like every day he does more, makes new noises, has a new facial expression. And I think Bobby’s and my love for the boy grows every day, too.

We are fast approaching four months, which is when he’ll go back to the doctor for a well-baby visit. I’m interested to hear what Dr. B thinks of our kid. I’m sure everything will be fine healthwise, and I think Noah is pretty ahead of the game developmentally. I’m sort of hoping we’ll be able to start him on cereal at 4 months, but I’m going to defer to Dr. B.

Some things of interest from Noah’s 16th week:

  • As I mentioned in Noah’s 15-week post, he went to the doctor on Monday. We’ve not heard anything back about his sodium levels, so for the time being, I’m running on the assumption that no news is good news.
  • Noah slept past my alarm to get up for work twice this week! He’s taken to eating an extra bottle in the evenings (up to 32-34 oz. of formula per day instead of 28-30), and I think that’s helped with his sleeping somewhat.
  • As I mentioned in my blog post Friday, I hurt my back exercising this week. Bobby has done such an amazing job picking up the slack with taking care of Noah, and he’s shown a lot of patience with both the baby and with me. I definitely couldn’t do this without him.
  • Noah’s enjoying chewing on stuff more and more. I’m finally coming around to the idea that he may be in the early stages of teething; Bobby’s been saying it for weeks. I still don’t expect a tooth to bust through any time soon, though.
  • Noah has been able to sit in his Exersaucer without extra support this week. He’s so strong!
Well, that’s all for week 16! No video this week, but I’m going to try to remember to take some for next week!

One response to “16 weeks

  1. not that you want my two cents, but take your time on the eating!! i was ALL excited about AM starting real food and the doc said we could at 4 months but she just was not all that interested. she would taste it and just spit it out and around 5.5 months she decided that it was time for her to eat everything in sight. all of that to say that when they start on solids it makes meal times much more complicated!!! no more just filling up a bottle and going but having to be at a place where you can sit and help them learn how to eat…it was fun, but in the end, after trying it at 4 months with little success, I was glad that we backed off and waited til almost 6 months before doing solids….we also pretty much skipped rice cereal and oatmeal and went straight to the real food introductions which AM seemed to like MUCH more! good luck and let us know how it goes!!!

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