Pinterest challenge!

I’m such a geek. I am so excited because, when I was flipping through my Google Reader this morning, I came across this gem:

Yes, that’s right. Sherry from Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs that I gush about all the time in real life … I try to at least mask my crazy geekiness on the interwebz), Emily Henderson of Secrets From a Stylist, Katie from Bower Power and Lana from Making a House a Home have teamed up to do this fantastic challenge based on DIY projects they’ve found via Pinterest.

I have so many projects I’ve been eyeballing on my boards, so I am joining in on the challenge! I’ve been talking about the particular project I have in mind for a while, so I think this is a perfect impetus to get started on it … finally!

Here’s a sneak peak, via Alice in Designland (and Pinterest):

Now, this isn’t precisely what I plan to be doing, but it is going to be my project inspiration. And I’m way excited about it!

That’s not all, though. I’m going to lay down this challenge for a few blogger friends of mine and see if they will take me up on it! So I’m issuing a public challenge to Ashley at iMother, Lauren at Talk of the Trains and Katie at Barefoot in the Kitchen to join in the Pinterest challenge and blog about it with me! Hope you gals will join in! And anyone else who is interested, feel free to comment with a link to your blog or project!

I’m hoping to make some progress on my project this week/weekend and will try to post an update on Monday!


2 responses to “Pinterest challenge!

  1. How exciting!!! I have already done several projects from pinterest (and I blogged about one), but I have a couple more that I want to try over the next week or so! Will definitely post! 🙂

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