#Pinterestchallenge update numero uno

So this is really not an exciting update, but I did want to at least note that I’m making some progress on my Summer Pinterest Challenge project. I think the bad news is that as I’m getting into it and thinking about it more (more thinking than doing at this point), I keep seeing more and more that I want to do.

Unfortunately, since my project space is located in the baby’s nursery, I’m pretty limited on what I can do on weeknights. I guess we could let him sleep in the Pack n Play in our bedroom, but he’s gotten into such a good sleep pattern at night that I don’t want to do anything that might mess it up!

Anyway, here’s what my space looked like at the beginning of the challenge:

Pinterest challenge - Before

And here’s what it looks like currently:

Pinterest challenge - Update 1

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

I really wasn’t joking about not having gotten a ton accomplished, but with an infant who has gotten increasingly fussy in the evenings the past couple of weeks, trust me: This is a big accomplishment.

If you read my first challenge post, you probably have an idea of what’s coming next: Paint! Actually, more like painter’s tape, which I may have to go buy. But I do already have the paint I’m planning to use, so hopefully this portion of the project will be completed this weekend!

I have a few other ideas for the space, but I think I’m going to have to consult with Bobby first. Regardless, I’m excited about how this will turn out and enhance Noah’s room!


2 responses to “#Pinterestchallenge update numero uno

  1. awesome! …i am still thinking of a project that I can do. i have one but i am not sure if its feasible…space, money or time wise! ha!

  2. Well, I’m afraid I’m getting in over my head with this project because I keep thinking of extra steps I want to do. But we’ll see!

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