#PinterestChallenge update 2

This is my progress so far! I will add another coat of paint (with a roller) once this is dry. We had the paint on-hand, so I've spent $0 on this so far.


I’m pretty happy about the way things are going so far with my Pinterest Challenge. First, I was actually able to remove the wire shelving from the small closet space in the nursery on my own! I know this doesn’t sound like some great accomplishment, but for some reason I have this big fear of screwing things like that up, even though I could easily see how it needed to be removed. Rather than overthinking and telling myself I couldn’t do it, I just did what I thought needed to be done, and it worked out just fine! I need to remember this next time I let a silly fear keep me from attempting something.

Once I got the shelves down, it was really a matter of finding time to do some painting. It has been a bit of a challenge because I have sort of been working around Noah’s schedule, which really kept me from doing any painting at all during the week. Plus Bobby is working on a novel draft, so I’ve been taking a few extra shifts with the baby (he’s almost finished, though, and will be returning the favor this week while I work on this project).

I had actually originally planned to put some of the shelving back in, so I left part of the system up when I started painting. Once I got going, though, I decided that the whole thing should come out. So down it came!

My original plan was just to paint and turn that little portion of the closet into a mini office/crafting space for me, but my ideas have evolved somewhat. I found this idea on Pinterest and fell in love with the concept, so now the long-term plan is to turn it into reading nook. I’m also toying with the idea of a small built-in desk, but we’ll see how the bench goes and how brave I’m feeling when I get to that point.

So this is really going to be a long-term project. I think, for the sake of the Pinterest Challenge timeline, which seems to be finishing this week (?), I am going to try to have the painting finished. This is going to be one of those projects I’ll just have to work on as I have time, so I don’t have a specific end date in mind, but that may be something I consider soon. I don’t want to be working on this thing for 2 years!

Anyway, I’m having fun with it, and I’m excited about creating this little space for Noah but also that I’ll be able to use (and Bobby, too, if he wants)!


One response to “#PinterestChallenge update 2

  1. I converted acloset in our old house into a desk nook before I even knew it was popular!! I wish I had taken pictures. I actually took one of the old shelves (it had two large wooden sleves and one hanging rod, which I removed) to create the desk top and left the other shelf up high to hold books. It was so much fun to work there because it felt sooooo cozy. Plus, it freed up some floor space in my tiny bedroom (though I had to store my clothes in the guest bedroom!! hah!).

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