Noah – 18 weeks

Noah - 18 weeks

I’m a few days late with this post this week, and that’s partly because we had a heck of a day with the kiddo on Sunday. It was a really tough day, one of the toughest we’ve had since Noah was about 8 weeks old.

Bobby and I think he’s teething, which led to a drooly, cranky, not-wanting-to nap little booger on Sunday. One of his naps was in the Ergo, and he was awake five minutes after I finally laid him down (because the dang kid is HEAVY!); another time late in the afternoon, I had to take him on a car ride to get him to sleep. That one lasted about 45 minutes, but he was awake as soon as I parked under our carport. Thankfully, our home church group meets on Sundays, and we were just very honest about our tough day, so our friends gave us a bit of a break from holding/entertaining him — long enough for us to at least recharge a bit.

Here are some interesting things from this past week for Noah:

  • He had his four-month well baby check-up, and everything looked great. He weighed in at 18 lbs. 5.5 oz. and was 25.75″ long (97th and 90th percentiles). Dr. B told us we could go ahead and start him on solids if we wanted.
  • We gave him rice cereal for the first time on Saturday, and it was pretty funny. There’s a video below. We are going to keep letting him practice with the spoon and the rice cereal and not worry too much about how much of it he actually eats for now. We’ll move on to oatmeal in a week or two, and hopefully he’ll like that better, then it’ll be on to avocados and bananas!
  • Noah has finally discovered his feet! It’s so cute.
  • He’s still babbling away, especially in the car. We even had a little mini “conversation” the other day. He really cracks me up.
  • Bobby and I took Noah to the pool for the first time on Thursday. He looked so funny in his little blue swim diaper! He didn’t love it, but he didn’t get upset, either. I think after a few more visits and once he gets just a bit older, he’ll really enjoy the water.

Here are a couple of videos of Noah experiencing the pool and eating rice cereal:


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