#pinterestchallenge update

I may be the only person out here still plugging away on my Pinterest challenge, but I took on a sort of big project!

I really haven’t made as much progress on Noah’s reading nook as I would’ve liked, but I’ve done as well as I could with a limited amount of time. Melissa (one of Noah’s godmothers and a close friend of Bobby’s and mine) helped me a bit with it this weekend. We got most of the second coat of paint done (with a few touch-ups still needed), and we picked up some hardware for the cloth bookshelves I’m planning.

We got four four-foot dowel rods and double rod hangers at Lowe’s. I believe I spent something like $12 on these, plus the $10ish I spent on painting supplies last week. I’m planning to use fabric I already had for the bookshelves. If I can keep the total cost for the project under $5o, I’ll be pretty happy.

So, anyway, I still have a way to go, but I am at least making progress. The next steps will be to finish touching up the paint and to sew the bookshelf fabric.


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