Thinner Thursdays: I suck at this fitness thing

Thinner Thursday’s

I want to be good at working out.

Does that count for anything?

I’ve really let myself slide this week. Bobby and I joined our county’s recreation department last week ($150/year for family gym and pool privileges – you really can’t beat that), and we were both super gung-ho about going — last week.

This week has been a different story. Whereas last week I was able to push through the tiredness, the “I miss my baby” end-of-the-workday emotions, the general “blahIdon’twannaworkout”-ness … I just haven’t really been able to do it this week. On Monday I did a short workout so I could run by JCPenney and use my $10 off a $10 purchase coupon (which is awesome, by the way — if you aren’t signed up for their mailing list, do it). Tuesday was an emotionally challenging day, and I just wanted to be with Bobby and Noah. So we went to Target. And Old Navy. Last night I got home after picking up Noah from the sitter’s, and I just didn’ So I didn’t.

I’ve just got to get past the whole idea that exercise is an optional part of my day. I want to establish a long-term routine for sustainable better health. I’m not into the whole weight-loss, give-me-a-perfect-bod hype. I’m really not. I just want to be healthy, to be able to enjoy my son and chase him around when he’s old enough, to be healthy enough to be there for him when he graduates high school and college, gets married and has kids of his own.

And right now I know I am not healthy. I am pretty overweight, and we’re not talking 10 or 15 pounds. My back hurts pretty frequently, and I think at least part of that is because of the extra weight I carry around. My blood pressure tends to be slightly high, and it will only get worse if I don’t do something about it.

For those of you who also have kids, how do you find time and motivation to work out? Keep in mind, I have the added challenges of working around my work schedule, taking Noah to and from the sitter’s (usually leave the house around 7 a.m. and don’t get home until 5:45ish in the afternoons) and the fact that it’s really too darn hot right now to go for walks or runs around my neighborhood.

I want for exercise to become a part of everyday life, but I’m really failing at this right now and could use all the help I can get!

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15 responses to “Thinner Thursdays: I suck at this fitness thing

  1. I struggle with the time too and I am a stay-at-home Mom BUT my Little Man won’t let me work out, he cries the whole time if I do a work out video, it’s too hot during the day to walk outside but I try and go in the evening, walking on the treadmill is a NO while he’s awake and it might wake him up while he’s asleep…so I make TONS of excuses. I think the key is writing it down, or at least that’s what I’ve found. Laura at Mommy Miracles turned me on to where you log your food and workout and it’s helped me eat better and work out this past week.

    You’re doing great. Figure out what works for you…you may not be a gym person…I’m not. I live like 30 minutes from the gym and I’m just not having it so I have to work out at home.

    • I actually have used MyFitnessPal (and reviewed it on here recently!). I need to get back in the habit of entering all my stuff daily, because I do think it helps.

  2. Bodyweight exercises. Then I skip the gym altogether!

    The truth is, exercise is great, but for all but just a few percent of people it doesn’t make much difference in how trim you are. The overwhelming factor is what you put in your body. Overwhelming to point of 90% or more.

    For example, you know those 100-calorie snacks you see on TV? They’re pitifully small. Well to burn off those 100 calories, a man would have to run an entire mile, even more for a woman. That’s just depressing. At some point it becomes easier to just not eat the snack in the first place.

    If you’re looking for a long-term strategy to stay healthy, work on your eating habits first, and don’t worry about going to the gym. Don’t worry about doing a strict diet program. Just eat healthy foods and track how many calories you consume. Figure out your basal metabolism and compare that to how much you’re eating and drinking. Those numbers don’t lie. If you consume less than your basal metabolism, you will lose weight. Period. With or without exercise.

    • This is great advice, and Bobby and I are working on this. We’re still in new-parent shock to a degree, and we’ve been falling victim to convenience too often lately. We’re focusing on incorporating more fruits and veggies and less snack-y stuff. It helps that I love the farmers market.

  3. I know this is the last thing you want to hear but…can you work out in the morning super early? It sucks to get up at 5:15, but I have found I win more if I squeeze my workouts into the a.m. when I have NO EXCUSES, rather than leave them until evening when I’m tired, want to hang out with friends/family, have other things to do.

    • I actually did try this for a few weeks, and I may try to get back to it. The gym we are going to doesn’t open until 6, and that presents some problems with the morning routine and getting the baby ready and out the door. I was trying to run outside, but the pavement actually caused some of the back problems I’ve been dealing with recently. So my options for morning workouts are somewhat limited, and I seem to be getting up earlier and earlier just to make sure I’m getting out the door in time to miss the crazy morning traffic now that the local schools are back in.

      So, to summarize, I could get up earlier and may give it another go, but I’m not sure if it would be any easier than making it to the gym in the afternoons. I think I probably just need to suck it up, decide which route I’m going to go and get into a routine.

  4. just like everything else, take it one day at a time. lifestyle change wont come over night so get there today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. eh, so this week sucked, but get back on it tonight. even if its just for a SHORT walk – just remember something is better than nothing. when i am running distance, i tell myself just one step at a time…one foot in front of the other…slowly but surely i reach the finish. same thing. one day at a time, one foot in front of the other. if you fall off of your horse, dont get discouraged, just get back up tomorrow. last week i ate like a fat slob – like killed an entire box of oatmeal creme pies in 4 days (thats like 3 or 4 a day) gross. i didnt beat myself up over it, but this week i have done better. and next week i will do better. and in a month i will see progress and in a year i will have a lifestyle change. YOU CAN DO IT misty bell – and remember, you arent just doing it for Mr. Noah and his future siblings. you are doing it for YOURSELF and YOU are the most important!! i love you and cant wait to read about your progress!!

  5. I think the absolute most important thing about working out is finding something you genuinely enjoy, because ultimately that will help you keep going even on days when you’re not up for it, and then trying to switch things up once you have a set schedule. Baby steps (pardon the pun)!

  6. I hear ya, girl. Exercise is a tough battle for me, too. I work from home and it’s hard to find the TIME in between my chaotic work load and chasing Noah around to squeeze in a workout. By the time the husband gets home in the afternoon, I’m usually too tired to try to workout. Just remember that YOU CAN DO IT. Try a few workout videos that you can do from home. I like Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred DVD. It’s intense, and it’s SHORT.

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  8. I hear ya,,,working and being a mommy no matter how much help you have there is never enough time to work out. Even when I have time I want to spend it with Lilly. I am having the same issues…Not sure if it will ever get better. It’s hard to fnd the motivation!

  9. How do I find the time and the motivation to work out? I have no friggen clue! Some days, I have neither time nor motivation. But I usually have two options open for me. I can either work out in the morning or the evening. I usually go for runs or do hot yoga. If I want to go in the morning before work, I’ll be up and five and hour the door about 15 minutes later. If I don’t manage to get out then, I have to wait until the evening, usually after my son is in bed. By that point, the hottest part of the day has past and I can run during dusk (or go to hot yoga at this point). I know that I have to schedule time to work out into my days and if I do that before hand, I often find I do it just because I’ve scheduled it.

    Good luck!

  10. Yes, I am *this* far behind on reading and commenting. 6 days. Sorry about that. I’d say my response is to do even a little exercise and let it count. Sometimes I think we assume if we don’t do a long, strenuous workout then we don’t get kudos for doing it at all (the “go big or go home” mentality). Even if I only walk around the block, I let it count. It’s better than NOT walking at all. Also, practice “random acts of fitness.” Take the stairs at work. Park at the back of the parking lot and enjoy a few minutes’ walk. Play rough with the kids (this morning my 4 year old and I raced around the garage running while the baby laughed at us from her stroller…it isn’t a “run” outside, but it broke a sweat, so it counts).

    • These are great tips, Heidi! I do tend to be hard on myself about working out, which leads to getting really down about it. Just have to remind myself: Small steps.

  11. I struggle with this because I feel like going to the gym is taking time away from my family. What I have to pound into my head is that in the long run better health is better for everyone. So I am actually putting it on my schedule for 3 days a week.

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