Noah – 19 weeks

Noah - 19 weeks

We had a fun week with the kiddo! Here are some highlights:

  • We gave him rice cereal a couple more times. One of these times involved throwing up on his daddy (Bobby was NOT happy). Yesterday, we added in some mushed up banana, and he seemed to like it better. I don’t blame him. The stuff tastes pretty gross by itself! He’s not eating a ton of it, and that’s totally fine. It’s mostly for practice at this point anyway.
  • We took him to the pool for the second time on Thursday. He seemed to enjoy it pretty well and did a little more splashing and kicking.
  • He’s definitely getting better at sitting up while leaning on his hands. He managed to do this yesterday for probably 10-15 seconds before toppling over!
  • He’s also starting to figure out when he drops an item that it is still there. Rather than dropping it and forgetting about it, now he looks for it and will try to get it back sometimes. Of course, he also seems to be dropping/throwing some items just for fun these day (see the video below).
  • He continues to love being outside and meeting new people, which is a lot of fun for us!


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