Solving my storage issue – a how-to

So as I’m beginning to stock up on clothes in various sizes for Noah (I’m working ahead up to about 18m), I’ve started running into a storage problem. For most stuff I can just get more hangers, but his pants and shorts are a pain to hang. We don’t have a dresser or chest-of-drawers in his room, just a really big closet.

I had planned to have cute little storage bins for items like these, but once I started looking at the bins, I realized they cost more than I thought they should. I had an overabundance of diaper and wipes boxes at that point, so I decided I would just make my own bins to store clothes in!

I started out by cutting the top flaps off the boxes with a box cutter. I picked out some cute scrapbook paper at Michael’s, and it happened to be on sale when I got it, so I paid about $2 total for the 8 or so pieces I got for the two boxes.

The bigger box is still in progress, but the smaller box was very easy. For the larger sides, I was pretty much just able to cut the paper I had down to size and paste it on with rubber cement, which is something I already had on-hand. The ends of the box were a little trickier, but I pretty much just used leftover scraps from the sides and combined them with one other sheet of paper. I was able to line up the pattern so it’s not super obvious.

Once I had the paper on the box, I cut out handle holes using the box cutter. To finish it off, I painted white over where the box showed through on the corners where the scrapbook paper didn’t quite meet.

All the items I used, except the scrapbook paper, were items I already had. So once I’m finished with the second box, I’ll have two cute, customized boxes to put Noah’s clothes in and will have spent $2 as opposed to spending probably about $20 for two boxes the same size at Target or Wal-Mart, and those boxes likely would have just been solid colors.


4 responses to “Solving my storage issue – a how-to

  1. I love it, love it, love it!!!

    Drat — I wish I hadn’t thrown away all of those diaper boxes now!!! Perfect re-purposing!

    Clever Mama!!

    • Thanks! I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for something that was basically a glorified version of what I ended up making!

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