Noah – 20 weeks

Noah - 20 weeks

Whoa. I’m not sure why 20 weeks seems like such a big milestone, but it sure does. I just realized last night that in 6 more weeks, he will be exactly half a year old. And that sort of freaks me out. He needs to stop growing so fast!

Some fun Noah-things from this week:

  • He is getting so good at sitting up on his own. He’s been doing the tripod thing for a couple of weeks, but he’s even venturing into really-sitting-up-ville.
  • He’s doing pretty well with the cloth diapers. He seems to like them, and we had successful outings with them yesterday and today.
  • We were able to go for walks several times this week, which he loved. He demonstrated his affection by falling asleep every.single.time. Ah, well, at least it means I’m getting some exercise, and he’s getting the chance to go out!
  • I had lunch with a group of mom-friends yesterday, and several of them commented on how impressed they were with how well-behaved he was at the restaurant.
Another fun week with the kiddo. Next up: Starting daycare tomorrow! Look for a post at some point about how that goes!

One response to “Noah – 20 weeks

  1. We start daycare tomorrow, too! Good luck!

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