Speaking out on PPD

The photo I submitted to be posted with my bio on the Healthy Place website

I did an interview on post-partum depression today for healthyplace.com, which has online TV and radio shows that cover topics related to mental health. To say I was pretty much terrified is putting it kindly.

After my last post on PPD on this blog, I was approached via Twitter by one of the site’s producers, Douglas, and asked if I’d be interested in sharing my story with their viewers. I asked him to e-mail me some more info and mulled it over for a few days before giving a hesitant yes.

As nerve wracking as it was to openly talk about my experience with PPD and all the emotions that come with it, plus the stigma surrounding it, I’m glad I did it. In some ways, just like writing about it here, I feel like talking about it was therapeutic and a step in my continuing recovery process. I also really want other women to know that they aren’t alone and that it’s OK to get help; getting help doesn’t mean failure.

The website manager, Patricia, is supposed to e-mail me when the recording of the live show goes up on their site. I’ll post it here when it does. And if anyone happens to be visiting for the first time after watching the live show, thanks for stopping by!


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