Six months and my how time is flying

So hard to believe it’s been six months since this little bundle of terror joy came into our lives.

I joke now about him being a terror versus being a joy, but for the first six or eight weeks of his life, Bobby and I definitely did think maybe we’d gotten ourselves in over our heads. It seemed like he never stopped crying. We could never figure out what was wrong. He had gas. He was constipated. He wouldn’t stop pooping. It was always something, and just when we thought we had it figured out, it changed.

We have a long way to go with this parenting thing still, but we’ve definitely made progress in the past six months. We haven’t killed the kid, and Bobby and I haven’t strangled each other. We can now distinguish (usually) when he’s whiny because he’s tired, when he needs a diaper change or when he’s screaming because he’s hungry.

Noah has come a long way, too. He started out at 9 lbs. 5 oz., 21.25″, and he has grown, as of his six-month doctor visit, to 21 lbs. 5 oz. and 27″. So he’s grown almost an inch per month and gained exactly 2 lbs. per month.

He’s also doing all kinds of cool stuff these days. He’s getting to be a really good sitter and is trying to learn to crawl. He eats solid foods (pureed) nearly every day and really likes green beans, carrots and applesauce so far. He loves to interact with people and his surroundings and tries to get everything that’s remotely close to his reach … and put it in his mouth. He holds his own bottle now and loves to try to feed himself with the spoon, which usually ends up like that picture on the left.

Bobby and I agree we can’t imagine life without him. It’s so hard to believe he’s halfway to being a year old! Here’s a little photo review of this last six months (click to enlarge):


2 responses to “Six months and my how time is flying

  1. sheesh! i cant believe he’s already 6 months old!

  2. WHOA! Six months and holding his own bottle!!!! THAT IS AMAZING! That is one of those awesome little victories! Ryder and Lucy didnt start holding their own til they were 9 months. I remember when they finally did I was WAY too excited haha!

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